Additional High School Courses

Marshalltown Community College offers courses that allow the student to receive both high school and college credit for the same course(s). Course clusters called “Career Academies” are offered in the following areas.
Broadcast Technology
Computer Network Management
Construction Technology
Health Occupations
Business Career Academy
Mechanical Design/CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) Technical Design
Machine Trades (Tool & Die)
Sustainable & Entrepreneurial Agriculture
Industrial Maintenance (on the Grinnell campus)
Classes to be taken in each academy are listed in the following section. Industrial Maintenance course lists are not available at this time. Academy brochures are available in the Guidance office. The tuition, books, and fees for Career Academy courses is free to the student and families. Funding of academy courses is paid by East Marshall’s ability to gain extra state funding for those students taking these courses. If a student drops an academy course after the drop deadline, fails to complete the course(s), or receives a failing grade, the student will be required to repay the school for the entire cost of the course(s).

This high school program offers an opportunity for high school students who have met the identification guidelines of the district to pursue independent work in an area where the student has demonstrated an outstanding degree of interest and ability. Students may be engaged in a variety of activities including independent study or research, team or individual competitions, career exploration, job shadow, and post-secondary courses. All activities will be under the direction of the district’s talented and gifted faculty. Credit is not usually given for participation in Prospect, but may be contracted for by a student working on a long-term project or independent study. Approval must be requested in advance from the prospect instructor and the principal. (Prerequisite: recommendation from teaching staff)

This class will stress the importance of attitude while driving, and the fundamentals of behind the wheel driving. An attempt will be made to bring the following speakers into the classroom: highway patrolman, insurance agent, automobile sales person, and a paramedic. At least two class periods will deal with the hazards of drinking and driving. The current cost of this course is $400.00. To receive credit for the course the student must take the course after their 8th grade year. (Prerequisite: Sign up on time and be an East Marshall student)
-Maximum Class Size: 36 -

Students in grades eleven and twelve may be eligible to earn college credit during the regular school year. Full time students in grades eleven or twelve may enroll in courses at a college for college credit. Please refer to the following criteria.

    a) For a student to use the PSEO it has to be a course that we currently do NOT offer.
    b) East Marshall schools will pay 250.00 per class. Tuition,fees, and book purchases beyond 250.00 are the responsibility of the student.
    c) The student and his/her family do not have to pay unless the course is not completed. Book and materials are the property of East Marshall to be used for future students.
    d) The PSEO can also include night courses held during the school year.
    e) If you are interested in this option, please contact your Counselor for details.

Students that want to experience coursework more correlated with the college level are encouraged to consider Advanced Placement courses. Currently, AP courses are offered in Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry, and Psychology. If a student is interested in AP level courses not listed, there are on-line options available. If you are interested in looking at a list of available on-line courses and course descriptions, see your counselor for details.