Elementary School Counselor

Jessica Blackburn, Elementary School Counselor
Email: [email protected]
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Laurel (641) 476-3342

Mrs. Jessica Blackburn is the counselor for grades kindergarten through third grade. She can be reached at the Laurel School.

The counseling program includes working with individual students, small groups, and classroom guidance lessons. The counseling relationship allows children to explore feelings and also provides an opportunity to explore specific issues or concerns. Counseling is helping normal children with normal problems. Topics frequently discussed with children include, but are not limited to, the following:

    School Concerns
    Family Concerns
    Peer Relationships
    Physical Concerns
    Behavior Concerns
    Goal Setting

    Learning Problems
    Serious Illness
    Coping Skills
    Anger Management
    Social Skills

Individual counseling is designed to help children with a wide range of concerns and can include items in the above list. Teachers and parents often request individual counseling sessions. Children often ask to talk about concerns.

An important consideration in the counseling relationship is confidentiality. The professionals respect confidential communications.

Normal Children with Normal Problems
Everyone has problems at some time. Sometimes problems aren’t even problems, but confusing situations and choices. Visiting with a counselor about these concerns and exciting happenings can help. However, some problems are really big, or appear to be big in your child’s eyes. Problems are most often peer, family related, or just personal concerns. They may arise from relationships with others as well as from the child’s feeling of worth. Common problems we work on are academic motivation, depression, fears, dealing with peers, or anger management. If a major problem comes up, the parent will be notified.

Classroom Guidance Activities
Preventive guidance is a very important part of the East Marshall Elementary Guidance Program. Classroom Guidance includes topics in the areas of self-esteem skills, peer relationships, responsible decision making skills, communication skills, and conflict management skills. Lessons are held on a weekly basis in your child’s classroom.

Small Group Counseling
Counselors frequently see small groups of children. These groups may have similar concerns. They may also be friendship groups working on issues related to making good friends. Most groups consist of between 3-6 students and meet for a limited time.

Contact the Counselor
A variety of resources are available for you. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Blackburn about any concerns you may have. If you would like to make an appointment to visit with Mrs. Blackburn, please feel free to contact her at the elementary school. An appointment can be set up.