Iowa School Report Card- East Marshall CSD

In 2013, Iowa Lawmakers directed the Iowa Department of Education (IDOE) to create a system to evaluate the performance of Iowa's public schools on certain measures and to rank the schools according to their findings (2013 IA House File 215). 

The Iowa Department of Education believes the Iowa Report Card System can be used in a positive way to help Iowans better understand how schools are performing and to enhance community conversations about improving schools. 

It is important to note that the website shows a limited set of measures, which gives limited data. In addition, these measures are based on a single assessment once a year, and may not tell the complete story of student and school status. East Marshall Community Schools uses many assessments and measures throughout the school year.  Rankings, which were required in the Fall of 2015, have grouped schools into one of six categories:

-High performing
-Needs improvement

Below are links that you can follow about the State's findings on East Marshall Community Schools. 

Letter to Parents from Supt. Anderson

Talking Points/FAQ for Parents- IDOE

Web Link to Iowa Report Card Website

Quick Guide for the Iowa Report Card Website

Technical Guide- Iowa Report Card Website