8th Grade Exploratory Class


ASCA Standards Curriculum

Mindsets 4:

Understanding that postsecondary education and

life-long learning are necessary for long-term career success


This is a 12 week course that is focused on building

upon the foundation that has been put in place

over the past four years of middle school. 

Students attend every day during their 12 week

course.  In this course, we dig into the high school

structure, graduation requirements, post secondary

options and careers through the use of projects,

research and guest speakers.  Students will create

their four year plan, complete career interest surveys

and will complete a research project on a career of

their choice.  We also use a curriculum that focuses

on character and leadership development.  Students

use definitions, quotes, dilemmas, assignments,

readings, current events and character studies using

movie clips to learn the new character and leadership

traits.  Character traits covered include Composure,

Empathy, Gratitude and Leadership.

Mindsets 5

Belief in using abilities to their fullest to achieve high-quality

results and outcomes

Learning Strategies B-LS 6

Set high standards of quality

Learning Strategies B-LS 8

Actively engage in challenging coursework

Self-Management B-SMS 5

Demonstrate perseverance to achieve long-term and

short-term goals

Self-Management B-SMS 6

Demonstrate ability to overcome barriers to learning

Social Skills B-SS 1

Use effective oral and written communication skills and

listening skills

Social Skills B-SS 2

Create positive and supportive relationships with other students

Social Skills B-SS 3

Create relationships with adults that support success