Transportation is a Privilege Not a Right

East Marshall Community School District will ensure that every student has a safe ride to and from school. This ride will be as free from intimidation, harassment, and threat, as humanly possible. The good conduct of all students is required while waiting for the bus and while traveling to and from school. The privilege of transportation is granted contingent upon proper behavior. A student’s eligibility to ride may be suspended or revoked for violation of the school’s policy for bus behavior. Revocation of a student’s bus riding privilege is not considered an exclusion, expulsion, or suspension from school. Parents will be held responsible for their children’s conduct while on the bus, while in the loading areas, and in the unloading areas. Students that are involved in serious or repeated incidents of unacceptable conduct on the bus will have their riding privileges suspended or revoked. Bus drivers will be contacting parents when students are assigned a bus referral. Drivers will then notify the principal’s office, within 3 days after the parents are contacted, before an investigation of bus referrals occur.

Transportation Policy

Bus drivers do have the authority to assign seats on buses in an effort to make it a safe, secure trip back and forth to school.

The East Marshall School Board and staff expect the following behaviors or skills from bus riders:

  1. Students are to wait at the designated site at the designated time for the bus to come to a complete stop. Riders will exit and enter through the right front door. Students should pass no closer than 10 feet in front of the bus when arriving or exiting the pickup site. Students should look both ways crossing the road and depart only from the designated point unless specific written permission has been displayed.
  2. While on the bus, aisles should be kept clear by students. Students should not open windows without permission and if permission is given students should not extend anything out the open window, including throwing anything out of the bus.
  3. Classroom conduct is expected from students while on the bus except for normal conversation.
  4. The bus driver is in charge of the bus and students are to obey promptly. Bus drivers may assign seats as the driver deems necessary.
  5. Students are not to leave their bus seats while the bus is in motion. Students are to keep their feet off the bus seats. If students damage bus seats or other equipment, they will be required to reimburse the district to repair/replace the damaged property. When students depart the bus, there is to be no pushing, shoving, or crowding of other riders.
  6. Waste containers are available on the buses. Students should put any waste in the containers daily.
  7. Shooting or throwing any object on a school bus is not permitted.
  8. The use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, or look-alike substances is prohibited on school busses. The Good Conduct Rule is in effect.

To view the different levels of unacceptable behaviors and consequences for violating these expectations, please click on each level of offense.

Level 1 Offenses

Level 2 Offenses

Level 3 Offenses

Consequences of Students Not Being Picked Up at Designated Locations

If a child is not picked up on time at the designated bus pick-up location, the child will be taken to the Bus Garage in Le Grand waiting for pick-up.

If this occurs for the second time and taken to the Bus Garage, the parent will provide the Transportation Director with an alternative responsible adult to pick them up at the bus garage.

If this occurs for the third time, the family loses transportation rights for one week. The student needs to be in attendance at school for this time to be counted as time off the bus.

If this occurs for the fourth time, the student loses transportation rights for four weeks. The student needs to be in attendance at school for this time to be counted as time off the bus. The school board will make a decision on whether to keep or rescind the open enrollment.

Expectations at Waterbeck Pick-up/Drop -off

Students that are disruptive or vandalize at the Waterbeck pick-up site will lose their transportation privilege based on the age and severity of the behavior. Adults that disrupt the safe, orderly climate at the Waterbeck pick-up site will not be allowed to drop their students off at this pick-up site based on the severity of their behavior.

Hard Surface Bus Routes