Booster Club

The East Marshall Athletic Booster Club is an organization of dedicated volunteers who have the approval of the East Marshall School District. They help provide equipment and support for students involved in sports and the fine arts. The club usually meets one time each month. Contact the Activities Director for more information on the officers and meeting times for the current year.

Weather Related Games and Practices

If weather causes a change in an activities normal practice schedule, Administrative discretion will apply.  Practices will not be held if school is dismissed for inclement weather unless permission is granted by ALL of the following – the Athletic Director, building Principal, and Superintendent. The sole emphasis when making a decision that is weather related will be based on the safety of students. The need to “get the contest in” will not be an emphasis of a weather related decision.

Holiday Practice Sessions

Only the Superintendent of Schools can grant permission for practices that occur on holidays such as Labor Day and Memorial Day. On these holidays, the coaches/sponsors are allowed to practice either on the preceding Saturday or on the Monday holiday, if the Superintendent approves. During holiday breaks, coaches/sponsors often practice and have been flexible with students missing for family activities. It is important to remember that even if the practices are not mandatory, a student who is at practice may improve his/her skills to the point where he/she increases playing time. There will be “dead time” during the Christmas holiday where no practices will be allowed and gyms will be closed.

Wednesday Practices Open Night

According to Board Policy 508.2, all practices must end so that students are out of the buildings by 6:00 pm on Wednesdays accordingly to our school calendar.  Only the Superintendent of Schools may grant permission for practices to be held on Wednesdays during this time frame. All requests for such must be made through the Activities Director.

In keeping with good community relations, student school activities will not be scheduled on Wednesday night beyond 6:00 p.m. whenever possible. It is the responsibility of the principal to oversee the scheduling of school activities for compliance with this policy.

Overlapping Practice Schedules and Events

There should be no situations in which a student has more than one athletic practice scheduled at the same time, unless it is the end of one sport and the beginning of another i.e.. Track and Baseball. In this instance, the athletes are expected to attend the practices of the first sport and then if time remains, attend practices of the next sport. Fine Arts practices are reserved for before school and have priority at that time. In case of overlaps with events, the following criteria, in priority order, will determine which event the student will attend:

1. AD will meet with coach / sponsor, and make decision upon mutual agreement

2. State/District competitions

3. Conference competitions

4. A competition vs. a performance/concert

5. An activity vs. a practice

We do not allow students to make the decision as to which activity to attend. Every attempt is made to allow students to attend both activities. Coaches and sponsors work cooperatively regarding this.

Ineligible Students

Students who are ineligible for competition/performances are expected to practice/rehearse with the team/group and expected to sit (not in contest attire) in the proximity of the team/coach/group for all public activities during the period of ineligibility.  This applies to conduct and/or academic restriction. 

Special services students or students covered by a Section 504 plan shall not be denied eligibility on the basis of scholarship if the student is making adequate progress, as determined by the student’s assistance team, towards the goals and objectives on the student’s IEP or 504 plan.

Equipment Care 

Squad members are to be held accountable for any loss of or abuse of equipment. All equipment is the coach’s responsibility. The athlete must pay for any equipment lost by an athlete.  Any loss of equipment should be reported to the head coach immediately. The head coach must notify the athletic office of the loss of equipment and also the main office.

Coaches are to keep accurate records on the distribution of equipment checked in by each athlete at the end of the season. If possible, identification marks or numbers are to be attached to all equipment to facilitate accurate record keeping. When it has been determined that an athlete has lost or failed to return equipment, the coach must turn in a statement to the athletic director who will record them and then turn into the mail office for collection.  

It is important to immediately collect equipment from the athlete that quits before the end of the season.  Equipment should be collected the last day of practice and at the completion of the last contest.

It is the coach’s responsibility to secure all equipment issued. We have purchased excellent equipment for our athletes and in turn expect it to be cared for and returned.


All students returning to an activity after an injury or extended illness that was treated by a medical professional needs to bring a medical release back to school before they will be allowed to participate again. All students need to report all injuries to the coach. Coaches must fill out an accident report with the administration within 24 hours of an injury or within 24 hours of a coach being made aware of an injury.