Business Procedures for State Events

• The District Office will receive a green sheet requesting the amount of meal money.

• The District Office will also receive a list of all students and coaches/sponsors attending the event that will be in need of meal money.

• The coach/sponsor will come to the District Office to pick up the meal money check when it is ready.

• Coach/sponsor will take the check to local bank in Gilman and cash the check.

• Coach/sponsor will return to the District Office with the cash and will put the money in individual envelopes for all students/sponsors attending the event along with assistance from District Office personnel.

• District Office will provide sign out sheets for each day of the trip for meal money to Coach/sponsor

• At the beginning of each day during the trip, the coach/sponsor will hand out the meal money envelopes to each individual for that specific day.

• Each person receiving a meal money envelope on that particular day will sign and date the sign off sheet indicating that they have received the meal money from the coach/sponsor for that day.

• After returning from the event the coach/sponsor will return all sign in sheets to the District Office. 

• If lodging is needed contact the Activities Director as soon as you know, he will then find you lodging for that event.

District office has final say on fiscal procedures that will be followed. Money may be held by district office if the procedures are not followed. It is the sole discretion of the District Office to withhold the cash/money.