Each student considered for induction must demonstrate strength in the cornerstones of character, service, leadership, and scholarship.

The selection process will begin in February each year. The list of eligible students will be generated by the counselor. Students with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 will be considered for induction.

Students who meet the minimum GPA requirement will receive a hand-delivered invitation to apply for membership.

Students must have been in attendance at East Marshall for at least the previous semester (the fall of the selection year).

If students were already a member of another honor society at a previous school, they will automatically be grandfathered into EMHS.

  • A letter from the previously attended school must accompany the student’s request for eligibility)

Students must complete the Student Activity Information packet and complete a letter of application, outlining why they should be a part of East Marshall Honor Society (EMHS). Students are given ten calendar days to complete the two requirements.

A list of students who complete the two prerequisites will be compiled and given to each staff member of the high school.

Staff members will rate the students (1-4) on the following criteria: service, leadership, and character. If a “1” rating is given by a teacher, the teacher must give an explanation of why the “1” was given for that student.

All staff scores are averaged together for each student, and then each student’s score is averaged together with their cumulative GPA. If the average of the two scores is higher than 3.25, the student will be selected for membership in East Marshall Honor Society at a tapping ceremony in mid to late March.

  • Students will be given an invitation for themselves and parents at the tapping ceremony

An induction ceremony will be held in the first or second week of April each year. This ceremony is formal, and attendance is required to be admitted into the honor society.