A member can never be dismissed automatically for failing to maintain standards, meeting obligations, or found guilty of violating a school rule or the law.

  • Written notification or warning will be issued to the student and parent in the event of a violation.
  • The member can request a meeting/due process hearing with a present group of faculty members to defend his/her actions.

Members of EMHS should understand that they are subject to reprimand or dismissal if they do not maintain the standards set forth within the by-laws, including character, leadership, service, and scholarship.

  • A preset group of faculty members can place a member on suspension or probation and labeled a “member not in good standing” until the standard is rectified (i.e. grade to passing, restitution served). The faculty group, along with the member’s input, will determine how to rectify the situation in order to return the member to one “in good standing”.
  • Examples would include but are not limited by cheating, plagiarism, violation of the “good conduct rule”, a criminal conviction, maintaining passing grades (at semester), and attendance issues.

A flagrant violation can result in immediate dismissal from EMHS after a proper due process hearing with a present group of faculty members.

A member who resigns from EMHS will never again be eligible for membership at East Marshall.