Philosophy of East Marshall Activities:    

We Believe: 

• All children learn and succeed.

• Instructional leadership is essential.

• Each student is unique and has unlimited potential.

• Quality education is focused at the classroom level.

• Curriculum is organized, current, and sequential.

• The students are becoming technologically literate.

• The school is constantly in a state of development and change.

• All students need and want the effects of rules and regulations, the results of which are: structure, fairness, and consistency.

• All students have positive reinforcement.

• Teaching skills to children is an application and outcome based and provided for carryover into lifelong learning.

• Both students and staff have learned to understand and use technology.

• Learning to use computers and other technologies is becoming a basic skill necessary for all students.

Specific Information about EMMS Activities

Opportunities/Forms Needed
Participation Theory


Anti-Bullying & Harassment Policy/Hazing


Academic Eligibility
Public Conduct


Coach/Parent/Player Roles


Coaches Responsibilities
Questions for Coaches


Student Transportation to Activities


Achievement Awards
Additional Information


Business Procedures for State Events