Evaluate the impact of public policies and regulations on environmental service system operations.

Interpret and evaluate the impact of laws, agencies, policies, and practices

Compare and contrast the impact of current trends on the regulation of environmental service systems (e.g., climate change, population growth, international trade, etc.).

Performance Indicator: Examine and summarize the impact of public perceptions and social movements on the regulation of environmental service systems.

Develop proposed solutions to environmental issues, problems and applications using scientific principles of meteorology, soil science, hydrology, microbiology, chemistry and ecology

Apply ecology principles to environmental service systems.

Demonstrate the operation of environmental service systems (e.g., pollution control, water treatment, wastewater treatment, solid waste management, and energy conservation).

Manage safe disposal of all categories of solid waste in environmental service systems.

Compare and contrast the impact of conventional and alternative energy sources on the environment and operation of environmental service systems.