Band/Vocal electives- Band and choir students will be allowed to add/drop band and chorus for the first two weeks of a new semester only. To obtain permission to add or drop, students need to receive written permission from their parent or guardian and the classroom instructor. When the elective instructor has contacted the guidance office, the student will be reassigned to another class. Students are to remain in the elective until they have been contacted by the guidance counselor indicating permission has been granted. Students are permitted to drop band or chorus within the first two weeks of a semester with the written permission of the parent and acceptance of the director. However, drops after the first two weeks of a semester will result in a “F” reported for the semester grade.

It is better to start from the beginning than to come in later and feel behind. Please keep in mind, learning an instrument is difficult. If your child has an interest in band, please have him/her complete at least one whole semester of band, no giving up!

The commitment to band also means giving up some study hall time. It means that homework (including instrument practice) will have to be done at home. Even though this can be an inconvenience at times, having students learn the responsibility of completing homework on their own is a life skill. Using the creative side of their brain to learn how to play the instrument is also a beneficial skill.


The following are the basic requirements which all students must fulfill before they will be allowed to participate in any extracurricular practice or activity.

1. All students must be at school by 12:00 p.m. or have pre- approved permission to be absent from school, in order to participate in any after school activity or practice that day.

2. All students who are involved in athletic activities are required to have on file, with the Middle School Athletic Director by the first day of practice, a physical examination, concussion form, and proof of insurance or a written statement from parent(s) or guardian that they waive the insurance requirement for their child.


To enhance the curriculum and broaden the child’s experiences, trips beyond the school are planned. General field trip permission allowing your child to leave the building to travel for field trips is available for parents to sign at registration on the parent information card. Parents will be informed of the place, time, and date of the trip. Parents that prefer their child not participate in a trip should notify the school in writing. Field trip permission may also include local walks.


Teachers utilizing library materials accompany their classes. Teachers sending individual or small groups of students to the library should provide the library staff advance notice and details on the assignment to ensure quality support of student activities. Teachers should send no more than five students to the library at any one time. Teachers requiring the assistance of the teacher librarian in locating materials, teaching a lesson, or providing other support should e-mail a request for assistance at least 3 days in advance.


All students will need a separate pair of non-mark sole shoes for physical education class.  All 7th and 8th grade students are required to wear a plain white T-shirt and solid dark shorts. (It is acceptable to have a name on the back of the T-shirt). All 7th and 8th grade students need a lock for assigned PE lockers and provide the combination to the PE teacher.

All students are expected to participate in P.E. unless they have a doctor or nurse’s note explaining the physical reasons the student is not to participate.


Student Council membership and roles are changing. Our goal is to involve students, help them feel part of the school body and improve the atmosphere at our building. Students interested in taking a leadership role or improving the school will receive more directions as the school year begins.