If you have a court order that limits the rights of one parent in matters such as custody or visitation, please supply a copy of this order to the office. Unless your court order is on file with us, the school must provide equal rights to both parents.


The East Marshall School District shall provide equal opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment in accordance with all applicable Equal Employment Opportunity laws, directives and regulations of federal, state and local governing bodies and agencies. The district shall take affirmative action in recruitment, appointment, assignment and advancement of women, minorities and the disabled. Employees shall be given notice of this policy annually.

Individuals who file an application with the school district will be given consideration for employment if they meet or exceed the qualifications set by the board, administration and State Department of Education for the position for which they apply. In employing school district personnel, the board shall consider the qualifications, credentials, and records of the applicants without regard to race, color, creed, sex, national origin, religion, age or disability. In keeping with the law, the board shall consider the veteran status of applicants.

Inquiries by employees or applicants for employment regarding compliance with equal employment opportunity and affirmative action shall be directed to the Affirmative Action Coordinator of the school district by writing to: Superintendent, Affirmative Action Coordinator, East Marshall School, Gilman, Iowa, 50106, or by telephoning the superintendent at 1-641-498-7481. Inquiries may also be directed, in writing, to the Iowa Civil Rights Department or to the Director of the Region VII Office of Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, 111 North Canal Street, Suite 1053, Chicago, Illinois, 60606-7204; phone 1-312-886-8434; web site OCR- Such inquiry or complaint to the state or federal office may be done instead of, or in addition to, an inquiry or complaint at the local level. Further information and copies of the procedures for filing a complaint are available in the district’s central administrative office and the administrative office in each district attendance center.


School districts are required by law to provide, to the individuals addressed above, a periodic update on the status of asbestos in all of its facilities.

The Asbestos Management Plan for your school district is located in the administrative office. This management plan is required under the federal “Asbestos Hazard Emergency Removal Act” (AHERA) codified in 40CRF Part 763. Contact – Rob Gage, East Marshall Grounds and Maintenance Director, ph: 641-498-7481.


The East Marshall Community School District Board of Education welcomes the public to meetings that are held regularly at 6:30 PM on the third Monday of each month in the boardroom at the Central Office building. Central Office is located at 204 Center Street in Gilman. A special portion of the agenda is set aside at every regular board meeting to listen to members of the community during Citizens Comments.

Persons requesting to place an item on the agenda must make a request to the superintendent prior to the drafting of the tentative agenda. The person making the request must state the person’s name, address, purpose of the presentation, action desired and pertinent background information. Requests from the public may be added to the tentative agenda at the discretion of the superintendent after consultation with the board president. Requests received after the deadline may only be added to the agenda for good cause. Bd. Policy 210.8

Please note that meeting times and dates are subject to change. Check the district website at for the latest board meeting notices and board meeting minutes.