Level 1 Offenses

  1. Throwing non-injurious objects on the bus
  2. Failure to follow driver instructions
  3. Standing while the bus is in motion
  4. Use of obscene or profane gestures or language
  5. Harassment of anyone
  6. Excessive noise (screaming, yelling, or shouting)
  7. Tripping anyone on the bus
  8. Blocking the aisle
  9. Possession of a lighter or matches.

Level 1 Consequences

  • First offense – Written warning to parents
  • Second offense – Written suspension of 1 day off the bus
  • Third offense – Written suspension of 3 days off the bus 26
  • Fourth offense – Written suspension of 5 days off the bus and meeting with the principal, parents, driver, and transportation director before child returns to the bus (meeting will be during normal school hours)
  • Fifth offense – Loss of bus privilege for 30 days.

Each offense is combined to determine the consequence. Students that receive at the most 5 written bus referrals will be off the bus for 30 days. Not just their assigned bus, but all EM buses including activity buses for extracurricular activities.

Students are not to change buses they were assigned to start the year without the permission of the transportation director. Going home with a friend for a day or two does not constitute changing buses. If in doubt, contact the building principal or the bus driver.

The building principal will assess each case and administer the proper consequences. Appeals should be directed to the building principal. It would be impossible to predict all misbehavior therefore anything not listed will be assessed case by case. Any vandalism to the bus will be the students and/or parents responsibility to pay damages.

Activity trip and activity shuttle misbehavior will be considered at least a LEVEL 2 offense. These trips are not required transportation and misbehavior will not be tolerated.

It is the feeling of the transportation department that we must protect and preserve the rights and safety of all students. With all the traffic we deal with daily, the drivers cannot be distracted for even a second with a cargo that will someday run this great state and country.