Mrs. Dobson’s Classroom

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Freshmen in English 9 are just starting our Shakespeare unit. Last week, parents got homework about arranged marriage and had to choose traits they would pick for a spouse for their student. The students were surprised–especially the student whose father wrote NONE because she is not allowed to date! This week, freshmen are learning about Shakespeare’s language and the insults he used in his plays to add humor. The students used an insult generator and then had to create a small poster where they explained their quote and illustrated it. (Xavier, Rollie, and Logan)

In Human Growth and Development (MCC course), students have been learning about conception and birth. Mrs. Cole, our school nurse, and a former labor and delivery nurse, spoke to the students about the delivery process and answered any questions they had. Blake Fisher convinced a couple of his friends to watch the childbirth videos with him–they may be scarred for life!

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