Mr. Spurlin’s Industrial Technology Class

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There is a lot of activities going on in the shop at this time. The kids are busy with projects and other activities. Advanced Woods is continuing to work on their individual projects, as seen in a couple of the pictures. 

Construction Tech is building model houses that they have researched. They are learning the correct ways to build a wall, door openings, window openings, and truss setting. The houses were set to a scale and for the most part, they are very close! We will be moving outside to work on a couple of projects in the community that we have been asked to do when the weather turns nicer, which I hope isn’t too long.

The Woods Classes are learning to use the machinery in the shop safely and correctly. They seem to be enjoying working with their hands and having a finished project when they are done.

Hope everyone enjoys the Spring weather and has a wonderful summer!

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