Mr. Spurlin’s Industrial Technology Classroom

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This fall in the Industrial Technology classroom, things are busy with things being cut and projects beginning to take shape! We wanted to let you check out what’s been going on.

During periods 1 and 2, the students are learning the basics of welding. At the moment, we are running beads, learning the proper safety, and beginning welder techniques. This year is special because Central Rivers AEA purchases a number of virtual reality welders which are lent out to area schools. We have them in the shop and students are gaining valuable hands-on practice!

In Industrial Technology Baisscis, we are doing some basic drafting before getting into electrical wiring.

The new machinery that we purchased with our Perkins money was a pair of 3D printers. One of the printers is able to use a metal cord and print metal pieces. The other is a standard 3D printer that can do a number of different printings.

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