Evaluate and explain the relationships among the branches of government, including federalism, separation of powers, the supremacy clause, the necessary and proper clause, judicial review, executive privilege, pocket veto, executive orders, quorum, filibuster, and other related topics. Compare and contrast the institutions and systems of Iowa government and politics that are unique to the state including but not limited to Iowa’s unique role in the presidential selection and in the special status of Meskwaki lands as non-reservation lands.

Identify local and state issues in Iowa and evaluate formal or informal courses of action used to affect policy.

Analyze the reciprocal relationship between historical events and the spatial diffusion of ideas, technologies, cultural practices, and the distribution of the human population.

Evaluate the impact of gender roles on economic, political, and social life in the U.S.

Evaluate the impact of inventions and technological innovations on American society and Culture.

Evaluate Iowans or groups of Iowans who have influenced U.S. History.