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Mrs. Crouse

Art Foundations (semester)

Art foundations is an introductory course open to any high school student and is a prerequisite for any additional art coursework at the high school level. The basic elements of art and principles of design are taught with the integration of art history in a variety of studio projects. The students in this course are a part of a daily exploration of art materials, and art history.

Ceramics (semester)

The students will have an opportunity to explore the creative process in three dimensions using clay as the medium. They will learn various processes of hand-building with clay as well as learn the art of creating using the potter’s wheel. It will be an adventure in building, assembling, and creating. This is a get your hands messy course. This course is only offered during the spring semester. Prerequisite: art foundations with a grade of C or above

Computer Graphics (semester)

In computer graphics, the student will use the computer as another art production tool. The use of the computer is increasing rapidly in all areas of art, especially commercial art. This class will offer the students a chance to explore the creative possibilities of computer graphics. Paint and draw, as well as multimedia interactive programs, will be used. Prerequisite: art foundations with a grade of C or above

Drawing (semester)

This course is an extensive study of the media and techniques of drawing. Subject matter will consist of figure drawing, landscape, still life, and imagination. During the course, students will be exposed to a variety of drawing materials as well. Prerequisite: art foundations with a grade of C or above

Painting (semester)

This course is designed to permit an extensive study of acrylics, watercolors along with other painting techniques. Painting history, artists, and new painting techniques will be explored. Prerequisite: art foundations with a grade of C or above

Photography (semester)

The students will learn the art of taking photographs that are aesthetically pleasing. The course includes the history of photography and the artists that have thrived in the field. Introduction to careers in photography as well. The students should have their own way to take digital photos. Prerequisite: art foundations with a grade of C or above

Silkscreening (semester)

This class will learn the basics of the commercial screen printing process. Students will create original designs for clients to be used on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel. Students will be required to put in outside classroom time depending on job orders and completion. This is a hands-on course, be prepared to get messy.

VREP 1, 2, 3, 4 (semester)

Students who are interested in creating, designing, or engineering on the computer are encouraged to try a VR class. The students create virtually using Blender- our core program. Additional programs can be used by the students as they choose. There also is an opportunity to explore coding as a part of these courses.

World Cultures (year-long)

The mission of World Cultures is to develop an understanding of the unique and diverse cultures of the world. The class encourages students to think ‘outside-the-box and fosters the 21st Century learning construct of technology literacy by incorporating many facets of technology usage in the classroom. It is an opportunity for students to understand the influence that historical events, art, and music have on their lives and the lives of those who lived before them. The class follows a World History timeline. The first semester covers ancient civilizations through the middle ages. The second semester covers the Renaissance through the modern-day. The course is team-taught by two instructors – history / fine arts. The class is two semesters with one academic credit per semester. The academic credit may either be used as a credit towards fulfilling the Social Science graduation requirement or as a Fine Arts Credit.