Lettering Guidelines

All of the East Marshall Athletic Programs offer an athletic letter.  Each sport offers criteria and qualifications for lettering set forth by the individual sport coaching staff.  Generally speaking, criteria include participation, attitude and work habits.  This lettering policy will be drafted by the coach and presented to AD for approval. Your coach will distribute the guidelines to the players before the season starts.  Students that quit or are dismissed before the conclusion of the season are ineligible to letter.

Academic Achievement Awards

Students who maintain three consecutive semesters where their semester grade point average does not drop below 3.20 on a 4.00 scale shall be eligible to receive an academic achievement letter.  For each succeeding two semesters grade point average of 3.20 or higher, the student shall be eligible to receive a service bar. All classes must be at C level or higher to be considered eligible to receive an academic letter.

All high school classes that earn students academic credit will be considered in determining a student’s grade point average.  A student must maintain a minimum class schedule of five academic classes during the semester to be eligible.  Certain classes are less than 1 credit (ie: driver’s ed. Is .5 credits and PE is .25) but are considered part of the student’s minimum requirements. 

The Academic Achievement Letter Committee may meet and deny a student, who would otherwise qualify, the academic letter for conduct unbecoming to the East Marshall High School.

Guidelines on Statistics

Game stats are taken for the purpose of evaluating a game/match/meets.  That information will not be made available to the public until after it is reviewed and checked for accuracy by the coaching staff.  Fans/spectators will not be allowed to see game stats until they are made available.