Mission Statement:

The East Marshall Community Schools instills a passion for learning to INSPIRE and to PREPARE students to ACHIEVE!

We Believe:

  • All children learn and succeed
  • Instructional leadership is essential.
  • Each student is unique and has unlimited potential.
  • Quality education is focused at the classroom level.
  • The curriculum is organized, current, and sequential.
  • The students are becoming technologically literate.
  • The school is constantly in a state of development and change.
  • All students need and want the effects of rules and regulations, the results of which are: structure, fairness, and consistency.
  • All students have positive reinforcement.
  • Teaching skills to children is an application and outcome-based and provided for carryover into life-long learning.
  • Both students and staff have learned to understand and use technology.
  • Learning to use computers and other technologies is becoming a basic skill necessary for all students.

School Values of East Marshall CSD:

  • The educational programs are multicultural and non-sexist in nature and provide a global approach to learning.
  • All students are treated fairly based on their need and have equal opportunities to gain an education.
  • All students have equal access to appropriate educational services.
  • The school is responsible to provide a comprehensive educational program designed to enhance the development of the whole child.
  • The students of our district are citizens of the world and will be provided a global education.
  • All students taught learning skills, communication skills, and higher order thinking skills.
  • All students are taught so that they will be able to use technology as a tool in the application of daily life-long learning.
  • The infusion of technology begins at the Kindergarten level with basic awareness and progress sequentially throughout elementary, middle, and high school.

Curriculum Offerings

  • The East Marshall Community School has examined the need for special reading and mathematics instruction for needy students beyond regular classroom instruction.


  • The Board of Education of the East Marshall Community School District has established Board and citizens committees to seek the most effective facilities plan to meet the expected needs of the district.

Community Development

  • The East Marshall Community School seeks to encourage community service projects at all levels and has examined the feasibility of requiring community service for graduation.

  • The East Marshall Community School has community volunteers to mentor/assist students.


  • The East Marshall Community School has improved communication between the home, the school, and the community.

  • Employees of the East Marshall Community School regularly make positive parent contacts.

Student Development

  • The East Marshall Community School has examined the feasibility of establishing a parent/teacher/student committee to develop standards for student discipline.

  • The East Marshall Community School has examined the need to establish support groups at all grade levels for the students and community members with special needs.