Sept. 26, 2022

The 2022-2023 school year is well underway and we are at the midterm phase of the first nine weeks of school. The first few weeks have zipped by and Parent-Teacher Conferences will be here before we know it. The fall athletic teams are in full swing and our boys’ cross-country team is experiencing some state ranking recognition. The middle school events are showing growth and development, which is right on track with our district’s philosophies for extra-curricular activities. Both the middle school and elementary are celebrating the Day of Awesomeness today and it was earned for all of the good things going on during the firs half of the nine week midterm.

Homecoming week was last week and we appreciate all of the support from our community and patrons. Students will be cleaning up the decorations today and we will put another year of Homecoming celebrations in the books.

MAP assessments will occur this week. The MAP assessments assist our educators in identifying needs of student academics, as well as, curriculum material that needs more attention and time. These assessments are very valuable for making calculated decisions as educators and we ask that parents reiterate with their student(s) about the importance of taking the assessments seriously.

The East Marshall Community School District has recently applied for the School Safety Grants that Governor Reynolds has allocated for school safety upgrades. As part of the initiative, East Marshall CSD has signed up for a third party facilities assessment that will focus on school safety and possible recommendations for improvement. The assessment will occur this fall. For the purpose of updating proposed improvements, our school district will receive $50,000 for each of our school buildings to help with suggested school safety facility upgrades. In addition, each of the school buildings will receive an allocated two-way radio for communication purposes during an emergency that involves the school.

The planning for general facility construction upgrades will occur this fall and winter. The FEH Architects will assist the district in working through the process of identifying needed upgrades and improvements for our facilities at East Marshall CSD. The intent and planned progression is to have firm decisions made by early summer 2023. More updates and briefs will be shared in the future.

As a reminder, we invite all parents, students, staff, and patrons to sign up for Iowa School Alerts found under the Parent tab on our website. By signing up your mobile phone and your email address you will be notified when weather related decisions are made for early outs and school cancellations.

As always, today is a great day to be a Mustang!


Tony Ryan