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Mrs. Aman

English 9 (year-long)

This course serves as a transition from middle school English to the expected high school level. Basic skills in writing and comprehension are reviewed. Multiple active reading strategies are taught to increase comprehension. Non-fiction articles, short stories, plays, and poetry will be read and evaluations will be made based on prior knowledge. Class discussion will reinforce the student’s ability to express ideas orally about the literature read. Basic grammar usage, vocabulary, and communication skills will be practiced and reviewed. All 9th-grade students must successfully complete this course as part of the required credits for graduation.

English 11 (year-long)

This course is open to Juniors.  The focus of the class will be on interpreting and evaluating many forms of literature, which will include non-fiction derived from written and electronic media. Students will also read novels, short stories, and poetry.  Various types of writing, including a research project and paper, will be required. Basic grammar usage, vocabulary, and communication competencies will be reviewed and practiced. All students must successfully complete either English 11 or American Heritage as part of the required credits for graduation.

American Heritage (year-long)

American Heritage is a multidisciplinary course studying United States History and Literature from the 16th century to the present day. The course will incorporate historical events of the United States as well as a study of the connected literature. Students will focus on higher-order thinking skills through participation in extensive reading, writing, and discussion to examine and analyze how people lived in each era. Students must complete (on average) three hours of coursework outside of class time each week in order to receive full credits (total of four–2 History and 2 English). Upon successful completion of the entire year, students will have fulfilled coursework for American Literature, American History, and Intermediate Composition. All students must successfully complete either English 11 or American Heritage as part of the required credits for graduation. Prerequisite: A/B in English 10, 1150 Lexile score or 230 RIT score, and/or teacher recommendation.

Young Adult Literature (semester)

This is an elective English course for juniors and seniors that will introduce students to the genre of young adult literature.  Students will read both classic and contemporary literature, using an adult viewpoint for interpretation/discussion. Class discussions, projects, and written reflections will be used for grading.

Ms. Anderson

Creative Writing (semester)

This course is intended for juniors and seniors planning on education beyond high school. Students will study and practice writing techniques and processes of multiple genres including creative non-fiction, poetry, and fiction. Students will review peers’ writing and provide feedback. Prerequisite: English 10, 1050 Lexile score or 225 RIT score, and/or teacher recommendation – Maximum Class Size: 15

English 10 (year-long)

English 10 is a required course that must be completed before students can enroll in advanced English courses. Students study specific kinds of literature and literary terms for multiple non-fiction, poetry, drama, short stories, and novels. Reading comprehension and vocabulary are studied, and the student’s previous knowledge of basic grammar, usage, mechanics, punctuation, and spelling rules are expanded. Paragraph and essay writing in standard form are also studied. All 10th-grade students must successfully complete this course as part of the required credits for graduation.

English 12 (year-long)

This course is open to seniors.  Reading, writing, and comprehension skills will be strengthened.  Students will read and study short stories, poetry, novels, and plays.  Many different types of literature will be interpreted and evaluated.  Students will also write essays, including a research paper, and part of the class will be focused on public speaking skills.  Literary terms will also be studied, and English grammar and vocabulary will also be strengthened. 

World Literature (semester)

This course is recommended for Junior and Senior students planning to attend college. Literature from non-American countries around the world will be studied, focusing on cultural awareness and appreciation. The time periods covered will span from ancient texts from Mesopotamia to contemporary texts. Short stories, plays, essays, films, and novels will be read/watched, discussed, and critically analyzed.  Prerequisite: English I0 1150 Lexile score or 230 RIT score, and/or teacher recommendation – Maximum Class Size: 25 

Yearbook (year-long)

This course is responsible for producing a top-quality East Marshall High School Yearbook.  Interested students must meet with the instructor prior to enrolling in the course.  Interested freshmen must have recommendations from middle school staff in order to be considered.  Students may take this course all four years in high school.  Students must be enrolled in the yearbook class for the entire year.  This course is NOT a language arts credit. (Prerequisite: Instructor approval)

Mrs. Dobson – ELL and ELA

Advanced Placement Language Arts (year-long)

This course is designed to prepare students for the reading and writing in which they will engage during their college careers. It will review punctuation and grammar to make students’ writing more sophisticated. In addition, it should prepare students for successfully completing the AP test for college credit. Prerequisite: A/B Average in American Heritage and 1250 Lexile score or 235 RIT score

Novels (semester)

Students will read novels of various times and styles. Group discussion and journaling will be used to assess student grades for this course. The objective of this course is to familiarize students with the various novel genres, increase their insight on themes, styles, and authors, and encourage reading for all students. Prerequisite: upper-level language courses – Maximum Class Size: 25

Reading Strategies (semester)

This is a class for freshmen and sophomores recommended by 8th and 9th grade English teachers.  Its goal is to improve reading skills. -teacher recommendation

Technical Writing (semester)

This is a semester writing course that introduces students to technical and business communications. This course will include correspondence, mechanical description, procedure, and informal and formal reports. As a final requirement students will be asked to successfully complete a resume and mock interview. This course is designed for students who are unsure of post-secondary plans.

Human Growth & Development (semester through MCC)

Examines physical, social, and cognitive development from conception to death, utilizing current research. No Prerequisite or Corequisite required.