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Career and Technical Education Department


The Agriculture Department’s mission is for all students to value and understand the vital role of agriculture, food, fiber, and natural resource systems in advancing personal and global well-being. Students are prepared for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in agriculture.

Family and Consumer Science

The FCS Department’s mission is to ensure students contribute to our communities by developing their skills to build strong relationships and be work and career-ready.

Industrial Technology

The Industrial Technology Department’s mission is to help students that enroll in the program identify their full potential, discover a good work ethic and prepare them for their future.

Fine Arts Department

The Art Department’s mission is to strive to nurture the creative endeavors of each student through a variety of media, design, and technological tools. Each student will be more equipped to live, work and play in an increasingly visual world.

The Music Department’s mission is to provide a universal education that fosters a society that values music.  Students are guided toward high expectations for individual and ensemble performance goals, as well as general content knowledge and music appreciation.

Foreign Language Department

The Foreign Language Department’s mission is to teach students to read, write, speak, and understand the Spanish language.  Students will also learn to understand and appreciate the culture of Hispanic countries.

Language Arts Department

The Language Arts Department’s mission is to develop reading, writing, and thinking skills, as well as effective communication and social awareness skills in our students. We will guide our students to view themselves as critical communicators and help them develop their “voice” so they can become active participants in global, economical, and social issues. Whether our students attend college or enter the workplace, we hope to foster a love of reading and an appreciation for good writing.

Math Department

The Math Department’s mission is to engage in the teaching and learning of mathematics that will challenge students to be independent learners and develop sound reasoning, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills necessary to compete in a global society.

Physical Education Department

The Physical Education Department’s mission is to provide effective instruction for the development of a broad variety of psychomotor and neuromuscular skills and lifetime values of physical fitness.

Science Department

The Science Department’s mission is to create knowledgeable, scientifically literate, and capable problem-solvers. By fostering a spirit of inquiry, nurturing our students’ curiosity, and bringing current, relevant, and real-world science into the classroom experience, we prepare our students to become educated citizens capable of comprehending and analyzing global issues.

Social Studies Department

The Social Studies Department’s mission is to prepare students to be responsible and productive citizens in a democratic society and in a globally interdependent world. Students will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills as they become lifelong learners and valuable contributors to the workforce.

Special Education Department

The Special Education Department’s mission is to provide individual educational plans with the least restrictive opportunities that meet the specific needs of each student with learning disabilities.

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Mrs. Bjelland, Mrs. Damman, Mr. Frost, Mrs. Grabenbauer, Ms. Gummert,

Mrs. Howell, Mr. Knipfel, Mrs. Mullaney, Mrs. Skinner, Mrs. Thege, Mrs. Walton