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Mr. Allen

ALL students MUST participate in physical education.  Medical exemptions must have a signed doctor’s statement and turned into the office. Students may be able to request a special exemption in the event of academic overload. No exemption will be granted without the student requesting this option in person with the building principal. 

Exemption from Physical Education can be obtained according to the following guidelines:

  • Students taking seven courses and in football, cross country, or volleyball can opt-out of Phys. Ed. 1st semester. A student taking seven courses and in wrestling, basketball, track, soccer, or golf, they can opt-out of Phys. Ed. for 2nd semester
  • Students in both a fall and spring sport can NOT be exempt from both semesters.
  • If a student drops out of an athletic team, he/she will be enrolled in two Physical Education classes the next semester.
  • Any student eligible for a Physical Education exemption must notify the counselor in person. If a student does not declare their interest in this option, they will be scheduled in a Physical Education class.
  • Students in baseball, softball, cheerleading, band, drill team, and dance NOT eligible for a Physical Education exemption.

Fitness Physical Education

Learning/using the cardio equipment and individual fitness plans. Fitness PE has to be approved by Physical Education Teacher)*Prerequisites must have had at least one semester of Traditional or Weights PE (Max size 6).

Traditional Physical Education

Learning/playing sports such as volleyball, ping-pong, slow-pitch softball, etc (maximum class size 24).

Weights Physical Education

Learning how to properly lift weights (maximum class size 18).