Lunch: Corn dog, sliced cucumbers, cauliflower bites, lettuce salad, mandarin oranges, cinnamon apples.

There will be a sign up meeting for prospective basketball players and managers today during Crew in the Commons.

School picture retakes will be Friday, October 22nd.

Juniors, You will take the Iowa Youth Survey today at 10:30am in the Commons. You will need to bring your computer, charged and ready to be used for approximately 45 minutes. We will call all students over the intercom at the end of 3rd period.

Announcement/Cap & Gown Presentation with the Senior Class

Date – Thursday, October 21st

Time –  8:50 am

Class Jewelry/Letter Jacket Presentation with Sophomore Class

Date –  Thursday, October 21st

Time –  8:20 am

Returning to take Class Jewelry, Letter Jacket and Graduation Orders

Date – Tuesday, October 26th

Time –  8 – 9 am

Friday PE: Girls